Travel Town Museum

I love Orange County, and I rarely venture past South Orange County to be really honest. But alas, sometimes I do have to make the trek to Los Angeles…the city of TRAFFIC. However, I have found this one little trick. I hope everyone doesn’t copy this trick and create traffic…There is only one day of the week I will dare drive up to LA and that’s Sunday. Anytime I go to LA I am sure to check out one of the many museums. Orange County is #1 in my eyes but I admit there’s not much to do. Yes, we have museums and a wonderful performing arts center in Costa Mesa, but who are we kidding? We are still in the ‘burbs. LA is massive and full of so much to see and do. On this particular Sunday we checked out Travel Town Museum. I have never been. It’s at Griffith Park and has 2 free parking lots for 2 different train rides. One is a regular train that you can sit in comfortably ($3.50 adults/$3 child). The other is a scale train ($5 all ages). Admission and parking is free. It is primarily run by volunteers. Private parties or picnic reservations are offered here for a fee. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes because the ground is uneven and rocky in a lot of areas. The park is pretty big and allows the children to jump on and explore several types of historic trains. There are also museums scattered throughout with displays on what was on these trains. Some museums even have play areas. It was a bit chilly that day and we were short on time so we didn’t get a chance to explore everything but it was quite fascinating. My favorite train was the one that looks like the Hogwarts Express of course! Heads up, the scale train ride has a “scary witch” that might frighten small children. Do you have any favorite train museums in the area?


Travel Town Museum

5200 Zoo Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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