Trader Joe’s – Easy Dinner

I’m obsessed with TJ like most folks around here. This list is for quick weeknight suppers when you just don’t have time. I reckon I’ll have a lot more lists for TJ! Stay tuned for different editions.

  1. Monteli Organic Pizza Crusts – These come in a pack of 2 in the freezer section. I use them every Friday for pizza night!
  2. Mandarin Orange Chicken – This makes the list for most folks! It’s in the freezer section and ready in about 22 minutes. For an extra kick, add some orange marmalade!
  3. Pork and Chicken Gyozas – Yep, another freezer item! I prefer the pork over the chicken but some folks don’t eat pig. Sorry, but bacon is the bomb! You can dip these in TJ’s gyoza dipping sauce.
  4. High Protein Organic Tofu Super Firm – I’m not a huge meat eater so this is a nice break. Just cube it and air fry for some crispy goodness! I make my own marinade but something pre-made like teriyaki sauce works, too.
  5. Bagged Vegetables – I know, so boring, right? But gotta eat your veggies! The veggies are washed and ready to go. They save me so much time. Some of my favorites are the broccoli and cauliflower.

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