Top 5: Requested Desserts

January has been hectic since day 1 and I didn’t get to start the year off with any posts about what was going on well, because – my daughter turned 10!! Double digits is a big deal AND I also want to relish these last few years of her as a “little girl”! So yeah, I spoiled her ROTTEN. Sorry not sorry!! She enjoyed a birthday party at American Girl in Los Angeles, a weekend trip to Legoland theme park with a hotel stay at the Legoland Hotel, and then a family birthday dinner on the actual day. Important announcement: I added RECIPES to the blog! This is actually why I started the blog in the first place to a) share recipes and b) tell my friends about local events. I would find myself sending the same things over and over so now I can tell them, check my blog! 😉 For recipes, please click the link to open a new page. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

  1. Brownies – This is probably the recipe I am most proud of because I really did go through several tries and tweaks before I came up with what I feel are the best brownies ever!
  2. Sugar Cookies – I actually got this recipe off a bag of lavender sugar my neighbor gave me. I can’t take credit for the recipe but I can vouch for how easy they are and how easy it is to make variations.
  3. Hot Milk Cake – This recipe is the Lazy Daisy Cake recipe off of King Arthur Baking. I use just the cake recipe and not the topping. I made a minor tweak, but other than that, stayed true to the recipe.
  4. Rice Crispy Treats – Yeah this is a no brainer one but the kids love it. I have my own method…
  5. Matcha Bread – This is my version of matcha bread that I specifically love to use the brand Rishi.

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