Top 5: Halloween Movies

Halloween is right up there with Christmas for me. It was actually my favorite holiday before kids. Everything changes after kids, and my favorite holiday changed as well. I love traditions, therefore, my top 5 list of movies to stream (yes, stream, don’t expect anything else from me) are probably the ones you hear about all the time. Sorry I can’t be interesting all of the time. For this, I’m totally basic and everything is family friendly.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas – I used to be scared of this movie when I was younger. I thought the stop motion animation was really freaking weird! The music is spot on though. Danny Eflman is a wonderful composer. Did you know that’s him singing as Jack? As I got older, it became my new Halloween obsession. I am totally the NBC house. Stream it on Disney+.
  2. Hocus Pocus – Hmm everything on my list might be on Disney+. But yeah, this is totally a classic! It’s a little dated but I still enjoy it. Bette Midler is just too fun to watch! It reminds me of another movie called Stardust with a fantastic cast as well.
  3. The Haunted Mansion – How dare I?! I honestly don’t know why people hate this film. I don’t know if it’s because I love the ride that I love the movie. It has humor and some frights to not make it too dull for adults. This movie is getting a reboot coming out next year. But if you want something fresh, The Muppets came out with their own Haunted Mansion movie this year! It’s a featurette and worth watching with the kids. It is pretty much the ride with a side story starring the Great Gonzo. There are a few catchy tunes, famous faces, and some adult humor.
  4. The Addams Family: I didn’t really watch the originals but was familiar with the characters. I was pleasantly surprised to like the first movie. We recently paid to watch the second film. It definitely wasn’t as good but if it becomes “free”, by all means watch it! Although it’s animated, it has a lot of adult humor, but nothing that you have to worry about with the kids. You can stream it on a lot of services such as Hulu and Prime.
  5. Harry Potter: This is like NBC. Is it a Halloween or Christmas movie? Well there are 7 damn films that are all like 3 hours long. You might as well start watching them in October and you’ll be done in December. Then there’s the Fantastic Beast films if you want to add onto that universe. The books are better but the movies are still so good! (Hermione is my favorite!) The world created by J.K. Rowling is amazing. Her writing style is superb! (Not crappy Twilight level – yes I read all those books, too.) I think only the first two movies are “kid friendly”. After that it starts to get really dark and by the 7th film…well…if you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it. You can stream it on HBO Max.

Do you have any favorites that you watch every year? If so, drop a comment below!

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