I am a Southerner at heart no matter how many years I live in Orange County. There is just something about your upbringing that follows you everywhere. I was thinking back about what makes Texas so Texas to me, so here is my list!

  1. Pride – you might’ve noticed there is a lot of Texas pride. People that leave TX carry that with them whereever they go. Texas is always “home” and home is where the heart is!
  2. Guns – of course we love our guns and hunting. The shooting ranges there are freaking awesome! They got everything from indoor, outdoor, trap and skeet.
  3. High school football – although high school is long behind me I can never forget the intensity of those games and the rivalries we felt.
  4. Tex-Mex – Yeah I get we do things a bit differently and that’s why it’s Tex-Mex. I love me some TX chili, chips, and QUESO (the Velveeta kind).
  5. Sweet tea – well ya gotta wash all that Tex-Mex down with something. That something is good ol’ sweet tea!

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