Modern Bathroom Remodel

modern bathroom

Time really does fly! It was almost 8 years ago when our first daughter was born and we moved into our current house. We love the neighborhood but the house itself wasn’t our design style. Can you guess what our style is? Minimalist! You’ll start to see a common theme on this blog – everything about me is modern minimalist. Life is too crazy so I like to keep things simple and efficient, even down to my fashion and interior design choices! We remodeled the entire home except the children’s bathroom. By that time we simply ran out of money and didn’t think it was a priority since it would be years before the children were independent enough to get ready on their own. Hence, we pushed that project back several years. Fast forward and my oldest is now 8 and almost as tall as me! It was finally time to remodel their bathroom. The project took about 2.5 weeks – a little longer than expected and a little bit more expensive than planned but well you know how that goes! We kept the same mirror, lighting, outlet covers and sink faucets. We chose the same grey tile for the floors and the entire back wall. We removed the tub and made it a shower only with a rainfall shower head and handheld spray. We chose a charcoal colored tile as an accent wall and dark tile for the shower floor. We also removed the dividing wall to make the space feel more open. Let me know your thoughts and your remodel stories!

Original Bathroom

During Construction

Remodel Complete!

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