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Just like men have man caves, a woman needs a space that’s all her own. Funny enough, I’ve never used a makeup vanity. All my life I simply stood in the bathroom and did my beauty routine. But this year I turned 40 and had this epiphany – that I needed to do some things for me. I’m really bad at interior design. Maybe that’s why I embrace minimalism so much because I’m not creative enough to come up with much else!! Our entire home’s color palette is grey and white. However, when it came to designing my makeup vanity, I decided to deviate a tad bit and add some feminine touches. I used the small Parsons desk from Pottery Barn Kids (with acrylic desk mat) and added a gunmetal framed mirror from Pottery Barn Teens. Obviously none of that screamed feminine so I browsed Amazon and found this rose gold makeup mirror and geometric mirrored tray. Back in February, I attended a dried flower workshop and made that flower arrangement. I replaced the dried lavender vase with that instead. Since it’s nice to add items in groups of 3, I added the artificial succulent and Voluspa candle (I love Voluspa candles from Nordstrom). My friend sent me some inspiration pictures and one of them had items stacked on books. I really liked that idea and of course went back on Amazon to look for books with the right color scheme and size to fit the small desk. I found this small black Chanel book and pink Paris book that worked perfectly. I kept the same acrylic chair and shaggy lavender purple pillow. I don’t usually hang up much artwork but the walls were definitely too bare. A few years ago, my friends and I did one of Timree’s paint parties and we painted the LV trunk. I liked their stuff so much I came back and purchased a few more paintings like the Dior perfume bottle. I added 2 of them as the finishing touch. I feel like I’ve finally created a space that’s all my own and it’s about time!

Before & After

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