List of Learning and Fun During Social Distancing

social distancing

We are living through a surreal hardship that hasn’t been seen here in awhile. But at the same time it’s quite humbling and forces us to slow down. Since we are all essentially on self quaratine, I would like to share some of the items I’m using to keep the girls busy. I buy almost everything from Amazon so I’ll include links! Luckily my girls aren’t that old so I don’t have to freak out as much about them falling behind, exam prep or ruining their senior year! 🙁

I already homeschool one of the girls, therefore, it wasn’t too hard to extend it to my 2nd grader. It’s only day #2 for us but I keep them on a routine and get all the schoolwork done in the morning. They do some online learning at, BrainPop,,, and Osmo. Then I supplement it with workbooks, reading, writing, and spelling. I Just added some Amazon Prime TV shows about history and science. They also continue to practice piano. They finish everything by lunch time then do art, free play and a walk in the afternoon.

Now is the perfect time to use up crafts or items around the house for inventions, read more books, play outside in your backyard, video chat loved ones, etc. Here are my current picks for getting us through social distancing!!


Oh, how I have a love/hate relationship with this!! Kids love it so much but I cringe when they mix colors! I also hate the little pieces that inevitably land on the floor. Everyone knows I really despise messes. This was a hard choice for me to make on whether I should purchase it. But these are rough times so I decided to buy it, but I bought ONE color only. I may still have the little messes but at least I don’t have to see every color turn into poop brown!! Click here to buy the playdough and click here for the tools!

crayola playdough

Workbooks & Flashcards

I rarely go out but decided to visit our local Dollar Tree to get more workbooks, flashcards and Easter supplies. Yeah Easter is next month but who knows when I’ll be able to go out again?! I love how cheap these items are and perfect for offscreen learning.

dollar tree

Multi-purpose Art Easel

I love that this easel is tabletop! It can be folded and easily stored. It has a 2-sided board. One side is a dry erase board and the other a chalkboard. Both sides are magnetic. It comes with a roll of paper, too. What sets this apart from others is that it also includes magnetic letters, numbers and shapes to create tangrams. All of the small items can be store in an included bag. Sidenote: I was debating on whether to get paint but just couldn’t do it…too messy. Good thing my neighbor doesn’t mind paint!! Click here to buy!

toys of wood oxford


Yes it’s screen time but I love that Osmo is interactive! I bought the Genius Starter Kit which comes with 5 game apps: Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece. Since then I also got the Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, Pizza Co., and recently purchased Little Genius Costume Pieces for my (almost) 3 year old. Right now Osmo is giving out the Kaleidoscope app for free! Click here to buy!


Coin Collecting

We’re stuck at home. Might as well go through those coins you got stashed away somewhere! I remember how fun it was to collect the 50 State Quarters,a program that ran from 1999-2008. The U.S. Mint currently has one called America the Beautiful with images of a national site. The program ends in 2021 and will be a total of 56 designs. If you have any Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you can use this program to teach financial literacy! Store your coins in this collector folder. Click here to buy!

national parks quarters

Amazon Prime TV

  1. Cool School – I’m kinda weird and don’t like my girls to use Youtube, not even Youtube Kids. However, I know this show is really cute and was thrilled to find out it’s streaming on Amazon Prime! It takes a fun spin on re-telling classic stories.
  2. Greek Tales for Kids – We watched Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief and all of a sudden my kids were interested in Greek mythology – YES!
  3. Kid’s Animated History with Pipo – Sometimes movies can spark interest and not only were my kids asking me about Greek mythology but ancient Egypt as well. This series covers all ancient civilizations!
  4. Continents of the World Series for Kids – Living through this worldwide pandemic reminds us that we all live on the same planet! I figured this would be a good series for the girls to learn about other parts of the world, especially since all of our travel plans are currently suspended.
  5. What’s Up in Space: The Solar System for Kids – This is a very easy to understand series on space and perfect for short attention spans. Since we can’t visit the museum or NASA anytime soon, this will have to do.
  6. American History for Kids – I’m proud to be an American and (former) Texan. My blood runs red, white and blue! 🙂 I really love teaching my girls about history, especially our country’s history.

I’m sure I’ll need to come up with some more ideas soon but hope this list gives you some inspiration! What are you doing to keep your kids busy and learning?

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