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Top 5 of Dallas/Ft. Worth

A friend of mine is traveling around Texas this summer. I honesty have no idea why anyone would want to travel there during the summer. It’s too damn hot! It usually starts to cool down late November, and I don’t mean cold, it’s just tolerable. The Winter Solstice is always right before Christmas and that’s when things actually might get chilly. However, I think the coldest month of all is February (please don’t fact check me). A lot of times it will actually snow! You can still comfortably travel there up until the first week of May. I really feel after that it’s just TOO hot, but I am super particular about the “perfect temperature” for me. Anyways, since I know DFW is not usually a place people actually pick to visit as tourists, I decided to list my top 5 things to see/do. Here it is in no particular order. If you have any other favorites, drop a line below!

  1. Dallas World Aquarium – I have visited several aquariums in my life and this is STILL my absolute favorite. Maybe there is a better one out there but I haven’t been to it yet. This isn’t the largest but I love the variety here that you won’t see at a local aquarium. They feature animals from all over the world so you get to see so many colorful and exotic ones. They even have an ocelot!
  2. Perot Museum of Nature & Science – Full disclosure, I haven’t had a chance to visit this museum but I’ve seen it from the freeway and first of all, it looks pretty cool, and second of all, I’ve heard so many good things about it. It has so many different permanent exhibits and special events. The one that sounds really cool is running against an NFL player. There is enough here to interest all ages.
  3. The Sixth Floor Museum – For conspiracy enthusiasts, they will love visiting this museum. The assassination of JFK is a horrible tragedy and is still surreal it happened in Dallas. There is a literal X marked where it happened. The museum is very educational and gives so much information. I found it pretty fascinating but still respectful.
  4. Grapevine – This is actually my favorite city in DFW. I’m one of those folks that loves visiting historic towns, western towns, etc. Historic Main Street is so cute to walk down, especially during the holidays. Grapevine dubs itself the “Christmas Capitol of Texas”. The city also has a vintage train, lake, wineries (who knew, right?), Legoland Discovery Center and one of the three Peppa Pig World of Play locations in the United States. They even have a family friendly indoor shooting range called the Texas Gun Experience. I highly recommend staying at the Gaylord Texan for the full “Texas experience”.
  5. Arlington – I’m not a huge sports fan but Arlington is the actual home to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. If you are into basketball, the Dallas Mavericks do play in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. But most people are into football so if you had to choose I would say watch a game if you can, or at least do a tour of the AT&T Stadium of the Cowboys. It opened in 2009 and was designed by HKS Architects, Inc. and is probably one of the most recognized stadiums. Close by is Globe Life Field where the Texas Rangers play. You can schedule a tour or a pre-game tour if you are watching a game.

I know I said top 5 things to do/see and threw in 2 cities with multiple things to do but damn the metroplex is huge and it’s really hard to narrow it down. It’s called Dallas/Ft. Worth and I didn’t even get to Ft. Worth! Sorry folks, I’ll just have to save that for another post. 🙂

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