5 Faves: Clothing Brands

I like to rack up points so I buy almost all my clothes from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Obviously I wear other brands but these are my favorite tried and true ones!

  1. Burberry – This company was started in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. He invented garbardine, a durable, breathable, weatherproof fabric for those rainy British days! I was drawn to this brand because of its rich history and classic look and lines. I usually buy their coats and shoes. Recently I tried their makeup and love it!
  2. Splendid – This company started in 2002 and focused on producing the comfiest t-shirt. Their corporate office is in LA so I was drawn to its California vibes. They expanded the product line and I love how soft and durable their clothes are. They are definitely my go-to for casual and comfortable wear.
  3. Rag & Bone – This is a NY company that also launched in 2002 and went through several transitions before it became what it is today. Their style is clean but edgy. I’m obsessed with their footwear and buy all their boots! Since I am extremely petite, I don’t wear flats. My daily shoes are something with a heel, and most likely a cool pair of boots from them!
  4. Free People – This company began in the 1970s in Philadelphia. Over the next few decades they expanded and adapted their clothing line for a more mature audience. This brand reminds me a lot of Splendid. I like them for the same reason – comfortable, casual and clean designs.
  5. Theory – It started with the partnership between Andrew Rosen (from Anne Klein and Calvin Klein) and Ellie Tahari in 1997. I fell in love with this brand instantly. Their style really speaks to me with its modern, minimalist designs and color palette. I love their slacks and fitted blazers. They are my go to brand for a work wardrobe.

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