Chakra Crystals for Meditation


My favorite semi-precious gemstone has always been amethyst. It might be because it’s my birthstone or that purple is simply my favorite color! I was raised Buddhist and was taught early on to meditate. Although I admit I was never consistent with it. But as any parent can relate, my life is insane and full of stress and anxiety!! I am trying to add yoga to the mix of my fitness routine and do daily meditation with the girls. I got a small pocket book on Amazon that you can get here and the 7 chakras gemstones that can help amp up your meditation benefits. I keep a lot of cyrstals in the house so I really like these specific chakra stones because of the engraved symbols – that way I know it belongs to a set. You can get them here! Some easy ways you can cleanse your crystals is by placing them inside a geode like the one pictured, placing it on top of selenite, washing them in water or placing then in sunlight or moonlight. The pocket book will tell you which crystals are best for your needs. Try it and let me know if it worked for you!

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