Harry Potter Games

Yup I’m an adult and not ashamed to admit that I am a “potterhead” of the “potterverse”. I have watched every film and read every book (including the short stories and The Cursed Child). I have even watched the Fantastic Beast films (although not as good in my opinon). I was going to watch the […]

Best Natural Hand Sanitizer

My oldest daughter has had eczema ever since she was a baby. She had a moderate to severe case but thankfully has gotten a lot better as she got older. She also suffers from allergies. When she took the allergy test she was basically allergic to every environmental and food item listed! It was a […]

Texturizer for Asian Hair

I’ve always naively asked every hair stylist what is my hair type? I wanted to know so I could buy products labeled for “fine, thick, etc.” Turns out, Asian is a category of its own! I guess you learn something new everyday? I’m a minimalist so thank goodness I was born with straight hair. I […]