House Remodel

Note: No that’s not my house above! Exactly 8 years ago we officially moved into our house with our first born daughter. Our style is modern and minimalist, therefore, it took over 3 months of construction to change it. Since then, our house has gone under even more changes and I doubt we will ever […]

Harry Potter Games

Yup I’m an adult and not ashamed to admit that I am a “potterhead” of the “potterverse”. I have watched every film and read every book (including the short stories and The Cursed Child). I have even watched the Fantastic Beast films (although not as good in my opinon). I was going to watch the […]

Disney at Home

It’s Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer! We usually squeeze in one last visit to Disneyland before the crazy crowds and summer heat. With the park still closed, I decided to re-create our themepark experience at home! It was actually really fun and easy! Thanks to YouTube, the girls would watch something […]

Backyard Renovation – Phase 1

Like most families, our dreamy summer vacation plans have now been erased from our once busy social calendar. Instead, we decided to use this #stayathome time to renovate our backyard. I have never loved our backyard. No matter what we bought it was never inviting enough for the kids to want to play out there […]

Contactless Games During Social Distancing

It’s been over a month since Shelter In Place (SIP), voluntary quarantine, social distancing or whatever you want to call it. I’ve managed not to go entirely crazy, however, what IS driving me crazy is the increase usage of screens in my household. My children are using screens for distance learning, to video chat family […]

Makeup Vanity Makeover

Just like men have man caves, a woman needs a space that’s all her own. Funny enough, I’ve never used a makeup vanity. All my life I simply stood in the bathroom and did my beauty routine. But this year I turned 40 and had this epiphany – that I needed to do some things […]