Backyard Renovation – Phase 1

Like most families, our dreamy summer vacation plans have now been erased from our once busy social calendar. Instead, we decided to use this #stayathome time to renovate our backyard. I have never loved our backyard. No matter what we bought it was never inviting enough for the kids to want to play out there for very long. However, since social distancing, I’ve been making them play outside as their “PE”. We decided to take our vacation budget and finally renovate this backyard and make it fun for the whole family. I’ve always wanted a hot tub but couldn’t justify spending the money on it. Finally I have a reason!! I’m such a wimp. I only like really warm (hot) water so I don’t swim in the ocean or even go to hotel pools. The hot tub is end game! But before we get there we have some sprucing up to do. Our first step was covering up our dreary rocks with artifical grass. We’ve had real grass before but it would always die (hence the rocks). Papa Bear found a great company to install it in one day. It really brightens up the look! I hope to have everything done by the summer solstice, June 20th, which is the day before Father’s Day. I’m shopping around pellet grills for Papa Bear, which will be the perfect Father’s Day gift!

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