5 Family V-Day Ideas

Long gone are the days my (now) hubby and I used to book those pre-fixe dinners at fancy restaurants. Looking back, I’m asking myself why did we pay twice the price for a limited menu selection?! Later we got “smarter” and would book dinner either before or after the special menus. Then, even after that, perhaps we got lazier? We started making Valentine’s Day dinner at home together! It was cute and fun for awhile…until kids happened. Well, anyone with kids knows what happens (at least for most of us). Valentine’s Day has turned into a family affair! And if you have little girls, it also turns into play dates! Joy! Lucky for mine, I love to bake. I used to hate hearts – I thought of them as childish to be honest. But people change. It’s truly embarrassing how many heart shaped bakeware I have now!! Alright enough with the back story, these are not extravagant ideas at all but these are the traditions we’ve adopted.

  1. Heart Shaped Pizza – We tried to make our own a few times and it always failed. I am so happy that restaurants now just make it. We usually order from Fresh Brothers!
  2. Heart Shaped Dessert – I have so many pans but probably my favorite to use is this lavender Le Creuset ceramic one to make a giant chocolate chip cookie cake. It goes great with a scoop of ice cream on top. This recipe is from Sprinkles Cupcakes so click the link!
  3. Valentine’s Day Movie – We gotta watch a good movie to go with all the yummy food, right? If you have older children, I still say The Princess Bride is CLASSIC! If you have tweens, I recently saw an animated movie on Netflix called Wish Dragon that I enjoyed since it wasn’t your typical love story. For live action, Enchanted is pretty fun to watch and even Aladdin. I know some people are torn on this live action version but I actually like the changes they made and my girls loved it!
  4. Flowers – Get your loved ones flowers! It doesn’t matter if they say they don’t want any – get them anyways. It doesn’t even have to be fresh! It can be preserved roses like from Eternal Roses, dried floral arrangements like from Urban Stems, or have the kids pick flowers and make a unique bouquet. Gifting flowers to anyone is surely to brighten their day!
  5. At Home Spa – One other thing to do while you are chomping down on pizza and watching a movie is get your spa on! Not only will this make for some some silly pictures – you deserve some extra pampering! You can purchase face sheet masks, hand masks and even foot masks if you want to get crazy!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about couples, it’s a day to celebrate love! Have fun with it! If you have any fun family traditions, drop a comment below!

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