Texturizer for Asian Hair

I’ve always naively asked every hair stylist what is my hair type? I wanted to know so I could buy products labeled for “fine, thick, etc.” Turns out, Asian is a category of its own! I guess you learn something new everyday? I’m a minimalist so thank goodness I was born with straight hair. I just wash my hair, towel dry, then air dry. If I’m trying to feel sexy I’ll spray beach spray and try to scrunch it up and blast it with my blow dryer. But alas, my hair is still pretty straight and pretty flat…I’ve been through so many “beach” sprays but never shopped for a texturizer. I did some online research and decided to try IGK Beach Club Texture Spray. It actually works for me! It makes my hair voluminous – definitely not flat and lifeless. I can also get some good curls out of it, too. It doesn’t feel sticky either. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, give this a try. I’ll link below on Amazon. I buy pretty much everything on Amazon!

Disclaimer: I do receive a small commission if you use my link to purchase. Thank you!

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