Halloween 2020

How to Celebrate Halloween 2020

Today is Labor Day – the unofficial end of summer and the start of the holiday season for me! Usually I would be throwing a big outdoor party with family and friends. But this isn’t like any year we’ve experienced and unfortunately big parties seem like a thing of the past! However, I am not going to let the pandemic get me down about the holiday season. Like most people, my favorite holidays to celebrate are Halloween and Christmas. NO, it’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween! Usually our October schedule is packed with events. I am sure most events will be cancelled, therefore, I put together a list of what I have planned (so far).

Drive-Thru Experiences

I was excited to see on Instagram that there is going to be a Halloween drive-thru experience in Orange County! They charge per vehicle and although there is no age restriction, it is recommended for ages 10+. It is called Urban Legends Haunt and located at the OC Fairgrounds. Click here to buy tickets!

Trick-or-Treat Driveway Table

There are many creative ways to still pass out treats in a safe manner. Our neighborhood opted for doing trick-or-treat driveway tables. Simply put out treat bags (much like you would party favors) or single item treats such as a candy bar, individual snack bags, etc. Extra points for adding hand sanitizer! Children can come up to the table, grab a treat and move on. Keeping it outside, with no huddling up and digging through a candy bowl makes this a much safer option. It also creats a fun sense of community all being outside together! I recommend setting a specific time slot so everyone is out at the same time.

Halloween Decor

Go crazy! Go to Target, Dollar Tree or wherever you like to shop, and just go nuts on decorating inside and outside this year because what else do you have going on? I’ve thrown a Halloween party for the last 8 years. It makes me a bit sad I won’t be doing one this year but all the more reason to up the ante and make our home a fun place for my kids to explore.

Halloween Movies

Freeform does 31 Nights of Halloween. Well guess what? I am, too! What a great idea! The kids and I came up with our list of family friendly movies. I don’t have cable so I put down where to stream if possible. Please keep in mind that can change at any time. Harry Potter was on HBO Max and was recently removed. (But I’m a huge HP fan and already bought the movies a long time ago) What are your favorite Halloween movies? Comment below!

  1. Harry Potter 1 – Apple Movies
  2. Harry Potter 2 – Apple Movies
  3. Harry Potter 3 – Apple Movies
  4. Harry Potter 4 – Apple Movies
  5. Harry Potter 5 – Apple Movies
  6. Harry Potter 6 – Apple Movies
  7. Harry Potter 7 – Apple Movies
  8. Harry Potter 8 – Apple Movies
  9. Nightmare Before Christmas – Disney Plus
  10. Hocus Pocus – Disney Plus
  11. Haunted Mansion – Disney Plus
  12. Zombies – Disney Plus
  13. Coco – Disney Plus
  14. Twitches – Disney Plus
  15. Girl vs. Monster – Disney Plus
  16. The Wizards of Waverly Place – Disney Plus
  17. Curious George Boo Fest – Hulu
  18. Spooky Buddies – HBO Max
  19. Monster Family – Netflix
  20. Dear Dracula – Netflix
  21. Super Monsters Save Halloween – Netflix
  22. Super Monster’s Vida’s First Halloween – Netflix
  23. True Tricky Treat Day – Netflix
  24. Spooky Stories 1 – Netflix
  25. Spooky Stories 2 – Netflix
  26. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf – Netflix
  27. Monster House – Prime with Ads
  28. Hotel Transylvania
  29. Hotel Transylvania 2
  30. Hotel Transylvania 3
  31. The Addams Family (2019)

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