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Yup I’m an adult and not ashamed to admit that I am a “potterhead” of the “potterverse”. I have watched every film and read every book (including the short stories and The Cursed Child). I have even watched the Fantastic Beast films (although not as good in my opinon). I was going to watch the Cursed Child in San Francisco this year but you know, COVID-19 happened. And yes, I am that parent that has pushed Harry Potter onto my children just as much as other parents push Disney (I happen to push that, too.) We’ve been following Stay at Home/Shelter in Place/Quarantine/Social Distance life since mid-March. Now that it’s summer break and things are easing up socially, I am still wary. As much as I would love to travel and frolick around with all of my friends and family, the truth is COVID-19 is still out there and there still isn’t a cure or vaccine and it has not slowed down. Of course there are a lot of germs out there that make us sick but honestly it’s the fact that it’s still so “unknown” that causes me anxiety. I am by no means judging anyone else’s decision about how they wish to live their lives, and I am digressing from the point of this post. My point is, I’ve been using this time to play more with my children! We used to be running around doing tons of errands and attending social events. I would plan my social calendar months ahead! This is the first time in years I am pretty much available everyday! I’ve been looking for different activities for us to do primarily at home and wanted to share my top 3 picks of Harry Potter games for all age levels.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (ages 11+ for 2-4 players)

This is a cooperative deck building game with 7 succession games with an option to purchase additional expansion packs such as The Mosters Expansion. This game will give you hours of play!

Harry Potter Spellcasters (ages 6+ for 3-8 players)

This game is actually like charades but instead you are acting out spells. It is very similar to the Wizards Unite game app but instead of tracing your finger on your phone you get to trace it in the air with a wand (wand included). It’s easy to play with younger children even if they can’t read or pronouce the spells perfectly. The Spell Caster traces the spell in the air and the other players guess by saying and pointing to the coinciding card. Therefore, if the child can’t actually read/pronouce the spell, they can still participate. This will give you about 10 minutes of play if you do one round.

Glow in the Dark Harry Potter Puzzle (ages 3+ for 1-2 players)

I actually got this cute puzzle for my 3 year old. She’s still too young to participate in the Spellcasters game so this was the perfect fit for her. What makes this puzzle extra fun is that it glows in the dark!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for Harry Potter games. If you have a favorite game you’d like to share, drop it in the comments below!

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