Makeup Vanity Makeover

Just like men have man caves, a woman needs a space that’s all her own. Funny enough, I’ve never used a makeup vanity. All my life I simply stood in the bathroom and did my beauty routine. But this year I turned 40 and had this epiphany – that I needed to do some things […]

Modern Playhouse Renovation

It was ages ago that my brother in law got my eldest daughter the Kidkraft outdoor playhouse that was sold at Costco. He lovingly assembled it for her and she got so much use out of it. But two more sisters later it finally was time to renovate it! I bugged Papa Bear to paint […]

Chakra Crystals for Meditation

My favorite semi-precious gemstone has always been amethyst. It might be because it’s my birthstone or that purple is simply my favorite color! I was raised Buddhist and was taught early on to meditate. Although I admit I was never consistent with it. But as any parent can relate, my life is insane and full […]

List of Learning and Fun During Social Distancing

We are living through a surreal hardship that hasn’t been seen here in awhile. But at the same time it’s quite humbling and forces us to slow down. Since we are all essentially on self quaratine, I would like to share some of the items I’m using to keep the girls busy. I buy almost […]

Modern Bathroom Remodel

Time really does fly! It was almost 8 years ago that our first daughter was born and we moved into our current home. We love the neighborhood but the house itself wasn’t our design style. Can you guess what our style is? Minimalist! You’ll start to see a common theme on this blog – everything […]

Natural Disinfecting Spray

Like most people, I started to scrutinize ingredients after having children. I became paranoid about harmful chemical ingredients in our cleaning products and unnatural ingredients in food. I realized making your own stuff really isn’t as hard as it seems and so much better for you and your family! Since the kitchen is the heart […]