Parc Vista Park

I happen to drive by this park on the way to our piano teacher’s house from Golden Lantern. I’ve lived in South Orange County for 16 years and I am still finding parks! Okay I admit it’s not like I was looking for parks before having kids…but now I am always on the look out […]

SeaWorld San Diego

Yes we live in sunny California but I actually really hate the heat. I love the sunny skies but can’t take the heat, which is why I moved from Texas to California many years ago. Therefore, my favorite times to visit theme parks are autumn and winter. As you know there is no real winter […]

Seminole Park

We are truly blessed in Orange County with sunny weather most days of the year. Winter is no exception! My friend from Denver just left to return home to lots and lots of snow. I sent her these pictures to rub it in her face. I am so mean…but she needs to come back so…Anyways, […]

Baby Beach

I’m the first to admit I absolutely hate sand. I avoid parks with sand like the plague. It’s practically sacrilege for someone who lives by the beach. And on the same note, for someone who lives by the beach, we hardly ever go. I’m sorry I am just so OCD. I can’t stand messes. I […]